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Services and pricing

My teaching style is structured and honest. In the same spirit, I want to be clear about what I can help you with, what I’m not great at, and what the price is.

Free initial consultation

I’m happy to talk to almost anyone interested in a job search for a half-hour, free of charge.

I’ll ask you to fill out some survey questions in advance, and during our time together I’ll learn more about what you’re looking for, explain the ways we could work together in the future, and try to give enough useful advice to give you a preview of the impact we could make by working together in the future.

What then?

Here are the most common ways I’ve helped people in the past.

  • Finding and qualifying job leads: how to find companies that might be a good place to work, vet them through informational interviews, and apply once you’re ready
    • Goal: You will feel more confident pursuing a high number of leads on your own.
    • This would be sitting side by side and researching companies, not discussing it theoretically. 
  • Honing your brand: defining how you want to present yourself to companies
    • Goal: You will find 3-5 themes you want each of your interviewers to leave the interviewer thinking about you.
    • We would then practice working those themes into interview questions, social interactions, and follow up emails.
  • Interview training: run you through questions you’ll face in interviews for your role, and get detailed feedback and exercises on how to improve
    • Goal: You will massively improve your interview and offer success rate. Since 2009, 80% of my first interviews have led to an offer.
    • Typically, I ask one question, you answer, we talk through the feedback, and we repeat.
    • We can record the session to allow you to review it later.
  • Building relevant skills to perform a job well: if you need to improve a skill to have a better chance at getting a job, I can help in some cases
    • Goal: You will comfortably pass skills-based tests, scenarios, and case questions in your interviews.
    • I have at least 2 years of experience in sales, product management, entrepreneurship, and management consulting.
  • Offer negotiation support: once you’ve got job offers, we come up with a negotiation strategy and practice it
    • Goal: You will get the best compensation package you can get – whether that means salary, equity, vacation, or something else.

I specialize in “how to get the job you want”, more than “what job do you want”. If you have a goal, I can help you achieve it. If you’re still deciding between very different career fields, I can certainly point you some useful directions, but it’s not my area of focus.


After the initial consultation, I charge $100 for an hour-long session, including my preparation and follow up. If you graduated college in 2013 or later, or are currently enrolled, I discount to $60.

If you’re not totally satisfied at the end of the session, I’ll return your money no questions asked (after which I’ll ask some questions, since I want to understand how to improve).

For $2,000, I will work with and alongside you until you get a job you like enough to stay there for six months.